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Zero value entry for vat codes

there is a requirement to record amounts against particular vat codes - some of these amounts are actually 0.00, when trying to enter these as distribution items in a misc voucher, the system does not allow a 0.00 value to be entered against a vat tax code, is there a work round for this??

Sure, some purchases are not subject to vat (for example purchases from the USA) but these must be entered on the system against a relevant tax code, in the UK we have two zero rated tax codes

VAT exempt (usually food items)

Not Liable to VAT (this could be imported purchases)

both the above will have a tax value of 0.00 but must be recorded against the relevant tax vat code for government requirements

We have set these up in xtuple but are unable to enter 0.00 value against them in misc voucher distribution

Thanks for your prompt reply

Hi, mrumball:

If you don’t mind, it would help if you could post an issue report on this in our issue tracking system. I just checked and you should have reporter privileges. You raise a good point and it would be good to have it reported formally in the issue tracker.

Meanwhile, one workaround would be to use Purchase Orders where the line items you’re selling use a Tax Type of “No Tax” which is linked to a Tax Code where the rate = 0.00. Then, when you push your POs through vouchering (PO voucher, not misc. voucher), there will be reporting in Tax History (Accounting > Tax > Reports) showing 0.00 tax was paid/charged for that voucher. This Tax History report has several useful filters on it so you can view all your 0.00 Tax Code documents in a group.

Hope that helps. And we’ll look for your issue report.