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Xtuple update error bug

When upgrading from xtuple 4.12.2 to 5.1 i get this error

ERROR: cannot change owner of sequence “cmnttypesource_cmnttypesource_id_seq”
DETAIL: Sequence “cmnttypesource_cmnttypesource_id_seq” is linked to table “cmnttypesource”.
QPSQL: Unable to create query

It might be a stupid question, but are you upgrading as the “admin” user?

I’ve successfully upgraded to 5.1 without issue, but I always use the “admin” user account to do anything with the Updater application. That way ownership of things is always consistent.

@anderson I had tried on PostgreSQL I switched to admin and it worked. I used the wrong account once for an update and I think that has given me fits on the permission side of things