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xTuple Product Roadmap

We are looking forward to this month’s update of the road map. We know what happened in the past. What lies ahead? It’s impossible to see what is going on now that the ticket system is turned off.

Hi Matt,

The Product Roadmap does need to be updated, you’re right. I’ll be updating the Product Roadmap page of xTupleUniversity for everyone to see what exciting things lie ahead.


Same question 3 weeks later.

Hi Matt,

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I am currently editing my draft of the product roadmap and will be sure to notify you once it’s published.


Same question, 5 weeks later.

Same question, 7 weeks later.

I would also like to have an update on the direction that xTuple is heading in the future. I do have some minor frustrations over the instant change in how bugs were reported and how much of the information that used to be available is now gone from most users. It would be nice to see some effort put into updating the Road-map as it is already behind minor version releases. We haven’t even seen an effort to bring the road-map up to speed with things that have already happened.

Some feedback from xTuple would be appreciated. It feels like we are in a bit of an information desert out here.

Yes, in addition to the Roadmap, are there any definitive plans to replace the issue tracker? Not much response when posting issues on the forums - no feedback emailing customer support. I have issues that are having non-trivial business impacts. I have been digging into the source to at least narrow it down. Some places in the code have comments referring to issue numbers, so maybe some of these have already been investigated and commented on, but I can no longer look up issue numbers. If development resources are scarce right now it would be good to know the reason.

All: As you may have noticed, we re-launched the main website yesterday. That is one of about half a dozen major projects going on inside xTuple. As Ciara has indicated, an updated and expanded product roadmap is another, very significant one. So is an expanded customer portal, which will speak to the issue tracker question.

We ask for your patience. Good things are coming!

When? Dates?

We have now passed four months without a meaningful update of the product roadmap. The July 9 update only listed PAST updates and provided no information or dates for future work. As a support-paying customer of commercial software, we are getting pretty upset.

Hi All: I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm about the upcoming product roadmap. I know a long time has past since there’s been an update and I apologize for the delay.

As Ned has mentioned, this is one of many large projects that are happening here at xTuple. I have spent a lot of time working with stakeholders and contributors to determine what would add the most value to customers (and prospects) over the next year. Then came the planning, where I had to evaluate the amount of effort needed for each project and identify realistic timelines. Now, I’m in the polishing phase and getting very close to being able to share more details.

We’ll be holding a customer webinar in early November where I will be discussing the exciting projects that lie ahead in the rest of 2019 and through 2020. So, keep your eyes open for an email inviting you to the webinar.