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xTuple in China?

Our owner is keen to use xTuple for a division we will separate into a new company. My local Finance Mgr is quite concerned. How many actual xTuple users (running a manufacturing facility using xT) are there in China, and could someone direct me to one of them that we could talk to.

Local concerns are: VAT tax handling, PostgresSQL (no one here knows what it is), implementation support, updates, new issue releases, etc all in English only, no one here is familiar w/ xTuple etc.




as if Lindel read my mind! Although already more than 2 years old, I'm wondering if someone could give a response to this because we are in the exact same situation now.


Thank you!




Hi guys,

we are using xtuple now for almost two years, managing all our company processes quite well with it. Even the ISO 9001:2008 certification went quite well with xtuple. We are based in Shenzhen. Feel free to contact me for support/questions.





We are implementors from the Philippines and we handle VAT and customized some Taxation requirements in the Philippine Setiings.