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Xtuple going slowly on a VPS

Hi, We are new to Xtuple. We have set Postbooks up on a VPS but it runs quite slowly. Are there VPS providers that someone can suggest to help the program to run quicker? Or is there something I’m not doing correctly on my VPS? Or is this even the right way to go?


Hi Peter,

Can I clarify are you setting up Postbooks for evaluation purposes? If so the simplest way you evaluate may be on a standard desktop (PC/Mac/Linux) - you can still connect several users to it over a local network and performance should be more than adequate for those purposes. It does not need to be a high performance machine.


Hi Simon,

No we are looking to set up postbooks then customise it for our business. So this would be a longer term solution we are looking for. Is a VPS even the right way to go?


The server can be hosted in a variety of ways and there is not really a right or wrong answer - just what suits your own needs. But I would suggest a basic setup on a pc while you review and setup your implementation would be the way to go. A hosting environment can always be looked at later on when looking at going into a live environment. There are also cloud hosting services offered by xTuple to consider.

Just to clarify I am both a user of Postbooks (a user for about 3 years in a family industrial business in South West Sydney) but I am also establishing myself in my own business as an xTuple Partner (I like it that much!). I live in Wollongong.

I am more than happy to assist you get started both here on the forums and more substantially at your business as an xTuple partner if you wish.

What business management issues are you looking to address with Postbooks?