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xTuple Free Trial login - version mismatch


I am getting the following error at login

"The version of the database you are connecting to is not the version this client was designed to work against. The client was designed to work against database version 4.6.0. The system has been configured to disallow access in this case."

What to do?



The error is telling you that a different version of the client is needed.  I am not sure what version the Free Trial account you have is, but I would suggest trying the 4.7 client.  You can download it from sourceforge.

The demo database was updated from 4.6.0 to 4.7.0 on Oct 13, 2004 (yesterday). Please download the 4.7.0 client from Sourceforge in order to log in.


Cheers, fixed. 

Yes, I now downloaded the 4.7.0 client as a zip and it worked. The confusion was that I had downloaded version 4.6 only yesterday (afternoon) so I thought I was up to date... : /



On sourceforge the "latest"  exe is still 4.6

Looking for the latest version? Download xTuple-4.6.0-windows-installer.exe (39.1 MB)
Updated. Cheers