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xTuple ERP 6.0.4 and other components are now available

xTuple ERP 6.0.4 is now available for download from the xTuple Customer Portal. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including Steve Buttgereit. There have been various bug fixes that have been added to the application since the 6.0.3 release. Our focus has been on improving overall quality and functionality.

Of particular interest are the following:

  • Added CRM Leads to Application using a Contact Flag. When a Contact is not yet considered a Prospect, it may be that they are a Lead. Once the Contact is associated with a CRM Account, it is no longer considered a Lead.
  • Made updates to the font size to improve user experience.
  • Improved the user experience workflow around converting Prospects to Customers
  • Linked the Opportunity Stage to Opportunity probability percentage. This allows the % to be configured on an Opportunity stage and to automatically update the opportunity probability percent when the opportunity is moved to that stage.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL Versions through 13

We have also worked on a number of other components and have published the following:

My optometrist thanks you and the entire xTuple team.

The screens are once again readable on dual-monitor MacOS.