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xTuple ERP 6.0.3 and other components are now available

xTuple ERP 6.0.3 is now available for download from the xTuple Customer Portal. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including Steve Buttgereit. There have been various bug fixes that have been added to the application since the 6.0.2 release. Our focus has been on improving overall quality and functionality.

Starting with version 6.0.3 we have changed how we package the xTuple ERP desktop application. We will continue to publish our traditional archive (colloquially known as a “portable” package), additionally we will begin publishing client installers for Windows and a Debian-format package for Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and compatibles. The installers will now handle installation of prerequisites and should ease deployment of the desktop application on your workstations.

We have also worked on a number of other components and have published the following:

Chris, what font style is being used in 6.0.3. It does not look right in Windows 10.

Should be OpenSans, you can download and install from Google.


So I have 6.0.3 running on my customized xTuple and also downloaded the postbooks-demo database. I am looking at the screens for style changes. The only ones I find having the new style is Items and Voucher. Are there others? If so, what am I missing?

I don’t know about Postbooks but in mfg the BOM is different and the bank rec for two more.

Larry Cartee

I am seeing this critical error in the database log on 6.0.3 start up

Mon Aug 9 08:08:36 2021 Critical: QWindowsFontDatabase::fontDefToLOGFONT: Family name ‘Open Sans,Helvetica,Verdana,sans-serif’ is too long.

I see that in version 6 there have been updates to public.itemsite to better handle costing, but it seems like the corresponding api view has not been updated. Does anyone have an updated api view for itemsite they could share?