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xTuple ERP 5.1.0-rc and other components are now available

xTuple ERP 5.1.0-rc is now available for download from the xTuple Customer Portal. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including Javier Cabezudo and Gabe Eiras. Lots of bug fixes have been added to the application since the 5.0.0 release. Our focus has been on improving overall quality and functionality.

Of particular interest are the following:

  • Ability to calculate tax with Avalara using Latitude and Longitude
  • A number of bug fixes were contributed by the community members named above. Thank you!

We have also worked on a number of other components and have published the following:

Chris, where can I find the new OpenRPT? I do not see it listed on the customer portal downloads? Rebecca

Rebecca, The OpenRPT download is on the Customer Portal along with the other downloads. However, it looks like your user needs to be updated in order to access OpenRPT. I’ll connect with Customer Success to see how we can get this resolved. Thanks, Ciara

Hi Rebecca, Try it now.