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xTuple ERP 4.9.0Beta and other software now available for download

xTuple ERP 4.9.0Beta is now available for download from xtuple.org.

In support of this beta, we have also released the following:

  • OpenRPT v3.3.8
  • CSVImp v0.5.1 
  • Time & Expense v2.3.0
  • Project Accounting v1.3.1
  • Fixed Assets v1.5.0

These are primarily bug-fix releases. Significant changes include:

  • Improvements to Mobile Inventory in the mobile web client
  • Preliminary support for extensions to add their own document types to document associations (Documents tabs in the desktop client)
  • OpenRPT support for images in binary in addition to uuencoded versions
  • Enhancements to OpenRPT's rptrender to simplify running reports from the command line
  • Basic support in OpenRPT for coloring values based on query results (qtforegroundrole)
  • Experimental builds for Linux 64-bit platforms


EDIT: sourceforge links removed (2019-07-12 14:54)

Looks great!  My Linux 'file' command reports that it's 64bit - thanks!  Ran immediately without issue (so far) on my openSUSE 13.2 64bit.  I downloaded the QT5 version to but I'll have to setup a soft link to the right lib.  Than said, the UX does not appear to be Qt4 or Qt5 more like old GTK or some other GUI package.  Don't get me wrong it works and is very functional.  But I was expecting a more modern UX.

Again thanks for the Linux port!


Good Morning,

Looks like the 4.9 version has solved a number of issues.  Is there a planned release date for the Widows 4.9 RC?

chomeniuk - We're working on the 4.9.0RC right now. It should be ready in the next couple of days.

Johnf - The upcoming release of the xTuple Desktop extension has a significant update to the UI appearance. For those who like the old look, the new style can be turned off (or the extension disabled). That should also be ready soon.