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xTuple ERP 4.6.0 now available for download

xTuple ERP 4.6.0 is now available for download from SourceForge. The commercial editions can be downloaded by commercial customers from xtuple.org. See the Release Notes for more details.


I just double-checked... the 4.6.0 masterref is in the commercial downloads, one folder above where the 4.6.0-beta version resides. If you still don't see it, send me an email with the full path you're looking in.


Good Morning Gil:

I apologize for being such a pain. I am looking in Commercial Downloads /partner/Edition - Enterprise/4.6.0. There I only see a folder named Pre Final. Under that folder is the 4.6.0 master ref beta.


If I look in Commercial Downloads /partner/Edition - Enterprise/4.5.2 O do see the 4.5.2 masterref and no additional folders.


Perhaps I am not looking correctly?

This is certainly not important enough to worry about on a Saturday unless you are working anyway.


Just reaching out to ask if the source is located in a new area? As I do not find it on Sourceforge, even the 4.5.# versions are not there ??




The file should be visible to you now. There was a mismatch between the file system on the web server and a database that helps drive the website. The file was visible to you under a different path but not the one you tried.

Have a good weekend,


Got It.


Thanks a lot Gil.



Hi Gil:

A belated welcome back.

Recently, a copy of the masterref database for the latest version has been made available for partners to download. Would it be possible to get the masterref database for 4.6.0 and then continue to make that available in the future?


Larry Cartee


Thank you -- it's good to be back.

The 4.6.0 masterref database has just been made available for partners to download.


Hi Gil:

I only seem able to find the 4.6 masterref beta. Could it be the beta and the final are the same or is it available in a different place ?



I not the customer and partner can not login download the demo database, anyway can do ?

Error message prompt : Access denied

Your not not authorized to access this page

Everything should be on Github now.  A search for xtuple should bring it up.  If you have trouble finding it let me know.



I'm sorry you are having trouble logging in.

What error message do you get?



   I'm having difficulty finding 4.6.0 in the compatibility matrix.  Is there an update to the matrix soon or can I just operate under the assumption that the requirements for 4.6.x are the same as 4.5.x?