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xTuple ERP 4.5.0Beta now available

xTuple ERP 4.5.0Beta is now available for download from SourceForge. The commercial editions can be downloaded by commercial customers from xtuple.org.  See Release Notes below for more details.


Release Notes
xTuple ERP
Version 4.5.0 Beta
May 27, 2014
These are the release notes for the 4.5.0 Beta Release. Thanks
to all who contributed to make this release possible. As always, 
we welcome feedback from beta testers, but please do not use beta 
software in production.
To ensure compatibility, please review the xTuple Compatibility 
Matrix before upgrading: http://www.xtuple.org/compatibility-matrix.
The following features and bug fixes have been added to the
applications since the 4.4.0 release. Additional detail for
each item listed below may be found on our community
website (www.xtuple.org).
New Features:
* Implement cash based VAT tax distribution [23253]
* Add the ability to enter an alternate exchange rate on a Cash Receipt 
* Expose More Widgets Functions to Scripting [7417]
* Hiding the Commission rate from the customer entry screen [7622]
Bug Fixes:
* Possible to correct receivings on vouchered items [23511]
* Incomplete search via ellipses when attaching addresses and contacts 
in CRM, Vendors, etc [7202]
* Forward Update on Parent Updates Child Comp GL Accnts [7405]
* Error in Sales Return [7451]
* Reassign lot/serial creates duplicate lot numbers for lot controlled 
items [7497]
* On Item Record Creation Cannot Create Item Site: AVG Cost [7519]
* "View Item Costing" displays blank screen [7432]
* Distribute Stock Display of Lot/Location Data Wrong [7371]
* Error when inserting into api.glaccount [7411]
* Report: Work Order History prints empty [7408]
* No locations available in distribute stock FROM screen [7539]
* Characteristic value is not displayed in "Vendors" screen [23671]
* CM's do not credit cost of goods sold properly on multi quantity 
* DB log error is generated on selecting to query the "Tax History" 
screen [23727]
* Distribute stock TO location screen does not display qty before [7538]
* Tax Figures off by 1 cent [23570]
* New margin column should be link to privilege [23468]
* Line items during transfer fails in error message [5810]
* Selecting to edit an item generates a DB log error [7322]
* Unclear How AVG Cost For MFG Item is Calaculated - No Variance [7479]
* TOs Do Not Transfer Average Cost [7520]
* Function Exec Sequence Post Operations - AVG Cost Item [7524]
* Can overload UOM input [6495]
* FRE Trend Income Statement Wrong Col Heading [6851]
* Figures in the amount field are not completely visible [7418]
* QOH not updating as expected on Transfers [7540]
* Transfer order shipments appear as not posted in inventory history 
* Multi-Company - Cannot Use User Groups on Subsidiary [7403]
* Should Not Be Able to Uncheck Adjust Value When... [7530]
* Scrap Factor Displays as %1000 not %10 [7511]
* Unable to Connect Between DBs: Consolidate Companies [7226]
* Trend report on the Financial Report Writer mixes up columns [7156]
* Maintain External Shipping Records Crashes on Second Save [6967]
* Unable to Add Priv That Was Created Through Package Manager Import 
* Incorrect display of Tax code on Invoice Item window [7470]
* Search Window for Accounts or Addresses, not sorting on column click 
* tax for invoice items with a tax code of none but a non-0 tax is not 
recorded in the g/l [7522]
* Selecting to relate a CRM account as a Vendor, displays error [7422]
* New Incident data entry [7221]
* Rounding when vouchering [23580]
* Cannot Select Account From List Into Account Field [7478]
* Warehouse transfers for average costed items do not record cost 
movement [7436]
* Costs can get out of whack by doing average cost adjustments [7525]
* Selecting to post G/L series entries displays error [7427]
* Cannot create site without address [7414]
* GL account list is empty when no companies are used [7413]
* Updater 2.0.0Beta2 Error: You must supply a Shipto ID [7294]
* Function fetchnextnumber does not work for non-public tables [23100]
* Time In and Time Out columns are not populated [23757]
* Line item detail does not print on grade 0 report [7452]
* Report: PickingListNoClosedLines [7579]
* Upgrading 3.0.1 demo db gives cashrcpt error [7603]