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xTuple ERP 4.11.2 and other components are now available

xTuple ERP 4.11.2 is now available from xTuple.org. We have fixed a number of bugs and added a handful of minor features. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including our CRM enhancements sponsor, Steven Buttgereit, Larry Cartee, Lee Gibson, Chris Lappe, Scott Moore, Mike Oligny, and Scott Zuke.

Of particular interest are the following:

  • You can now sort lists by multiple columns (sponsored)
  • Document attachment capabilities have been expanded
  • You can now create prospects directly from contacts (sponsored)
  • The foreign key relationship between cash receipts and credit card records has been fixed (you may need to fix or remove stale data for upgrades to succeed)
  • Problems with unexpected data showing on workbench windows have been fixed

There are also minor updates to the following:

EDIT: download links updated (2019-06-21 16:20 UTC)
EDIT: github links removed (2019-07-12 15:43 UTC)

We just added a minor bugfix release of the commercial xTuple Project Accounting extension v1.3.3 β€” GitHub or xTuple.org

Hello, all.

We fixed some reported-at-the-last-minute bugs in the handling of location-control and lot/serial-control items. These have been fixed in 4.11.2 and we have updated the reference databases and Updater packages accordingly.

If you downloaded 4.11.2 databases or Updater packages before 6pm US Eastern time on January 11, we strongly recommend that you download the corrected Updater package for your xTuple ERP Edition from xtuple.org.


  • Fixed issue #31960 *Transform function failing in 4.11
  • Fixed issue #31983 Receipt of Lot/Location Controlled item results in unbalanced inventory
  • Fixed issue #31984 Unnecessary change to postinvtrans() in 4.11.2

(For the very observant, that’s why some of the downloads disappeared for a day or so)
EDIT: github links removed (2019-07-12 15:41 UTC)

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