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xTuple ERP 4.11.1 and many other updated components are now available

xTuple ERP 4.11.1

xTuple ERP 4.11.1 is now available for download from xTuple.org. We have fixed approximately 80 bugs and added a handful of minor features

Of particular interest are the following:

  • Fixes to the autocompleter bugs
  • Improvements in CSVImp:
    • Importing images and other files
    • Update and Append

CSVImp 0.6.0

CSVImp 0.6.0 is bundled with xTuple ERP 4.11.1 and is also available separately from xTuple.org.

xTuple Connect 3.9.0Beta

This beta release of xTuple Connect includes a number of long-standing feature requests and bug fixes. Of particular interest:

  • Batch Manager startup without a GUI. This feature allows running the xTuple Connect client application from the command line without opening the graphical interface. The program still needs a graphics environment to render reports, such as Xvfb on Linux. However, status and error messages are sent to the terminal or command window from which the program was started, not the Batch Manager window.
  • Allow using relative dates instead of absolute dates for recurring reports
  • A new way to specify the email sync client to reduce run-time problems

This release can be downloaded from xTuple.org.

OpenRPT 3.3.14

This is a minor bug fix release and can be downloaded from xTuple.org.

Updater 2.5.0Beta

This version of the Updater adds the ability to store translation files for the xTuple ERP desktop client and its extensions. This requires a 4.11.1 database. Reading the translation files from the database will not be fully supported until xTuple ERP 4.12.0.

This also fixes some of the intermittent problems with illegal characters in some Updater packages.

This pre-release Updater can be downloaded from xTuple.org.

Fixed Assets base 1.8.0 and extended 1.8.1 extensions

We have made minor bug fixes to the base and extended fixed assets extensions.
The Fixed Assets extensions can be downloaded from xTuple.org.

xTuple Desktop 4.0.9 extension

xtDesktop 4.0.9 is a minor bug fix release. It can be downloaded from xTuple.org.

xTuple Quality 1.1.1 extension

The xTuple Quality extension version 1.1.1 fixes several bugs. It can be downloaded from xTuple.org.

EDIT: download links updated (2019-06-21 16:30 UTC)
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