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xTuple ERP 4.11.0 and xTuple ERP 4.10.2 are now available

xTuple ERP 4.11.0 is now available for download from xTuple.org.

This release includes the following features of note:

  • Landed Cost
  • desktop support for the commercial Quality extension
  • simplified reversal of A/R applications
  • performance improvements
  • rudimentary widget scripting

We have also significantly reduced the database locking that occurs during distribution of location-, lot-, and serial-controlled items.

A maintenance release - xTuple ERP 4.10.2 - is also available.

On a minor note, the 1.0.0 versions of the NodeJS Shim and Dashboards extensions are also available.

EDIT: download links updated (2019-06-21 16:30 UTC)
EDIT: github links removed (2019-07-12 15:36 UTC)