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xTuple ERP 4.10.0Beta2 and many other components are now available

We have lots to announce today!

xTuple ERP 4.10.0Beta2 is now available for download from xTuple.org. There have been over 100 bugs fixed and about 20 features added since 4.10.0Beta.

Following the same themes as 4.10.0Beta, our focus has been on improving the desktop client:

  • Lay the groundwork for an ERP dashboards extension
  • Implement Feature Mob 2 features
  • Update technology infrastructure
  • Improve desktop application performance

As part of the technology update, you will need PostgreSQL 9.3 or 9.4 with the following PostgreSQL extensions:

  • pgcrypto
  • plv8
  • ossp-uuid - If you build PostgreSQL from source code, you may have to rebuild it. Make sure to include the --with-ossp-uuid option for the configure command.

In addition, we have published the following:

  • Updater 2.4.0Beta
    • better command line support
    • comments in package.xml
    • update auditing if the table exists
    • more minor features and several bug fixes
    • Note: Some new packages must be loaded with this Updater Beta
  • xTuple Connect 3.8.0 (final) - Requires Updater 2.4.0Beta or later - commercial download
  • OpenRPT 3.3.11 - minor bug fixes
  • CSVImp 0.5.3 - minor bug fixes
  • xtcommission 1.9.1 - minor bug fixes
  • xtdesktop 4.0.3 - minor bug fixes - Requires Updater 2.4.0Beta or later
  • xtprjaccnt 1.3.2 - minor bug fixes
  • xtte 2.4.1 - minor bug fixes - Requires Updater 2.4.0Beta or later
  • xtdash and qt-script-node-js-shims - beta releases of a Dashboards extension for the desktop client (xtdash) and infrastructure required to run xtdash and other pending extensions

Back up your database before installing any of these extensions. Several of them require the new Updater even though this is just a beta release. The risk of problems is low but not 0.

EDIT: github links removed (2019-07-12 15:18 UTC)


I just fixed a permissions problem. Please try again. You should see xtdash > 1.0.0-beta, with two Updater packages inside. You'll need to load both of those, nodejsshim first and xtdash second.


Hi Gil:

Still not visible to my login.



Hi Gil,

I cannot see it on my xtuple.org login as well.

Is there any documentation / functionality overview available as well



I m having the same issue as lanwater when I try to run the Updater 2.4.0Beta program to update to 4.10 Beta 2

"This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows". 

Has anyone found an answer to this? Thanks.


The beta update abort with the attached error message

a quicksearch iin dicate it might be related to  a missing   libEGL.dll

Windows 10

lanwater and PatrickM,

Thank you for your early feedback. Some of the bundles we uploaded to github were the wrong copies. That has been fixed.


Thanks Gil!

P.S. the link to xtdash doesn't work and I couldn't find anything on Github. Can that be updated as well? Thanks.


xtdash can be downloaded by commercial customers from xtuple.org. Log in to xtuple.org, click on Commercial Software, then scroll and click on xtdash.

github links for private repositories will only work for folks with read privileges on those repositories. If you are an xTuple Partner or commercial customer who wants access, please email us your github username and the repos you want to see.


I do not see any reference to xtdash from Commercial Downloads.


Larry Cartee

Larry and Sajeev,

My apologies... there are some steps required to add a new folder to our downloads area of .org that I didn't know about. Those steps have been taken now. To Sajeev's point, no - there is no documentation yet. We just finished coding last week.


Hi Gil:


Making progress. I now see the folder


But, the folder appears empty.


I think you guys are in meetings, so I suggest you not worry with this for a couple of days. It isn't that important.



Hi, Larry:

How about now? If you log out / in do you see the files now?

Best regards,


Hi Pierce:

Sorry to report that the files still do not appear in the folder.



Please try now. I've verified your account should be able to see the files and download them. Sorry for the back and forth.

Thanks, Ben.


They now show and I just downloaded both.



Thanks Guys,


i have also been able to download,



We're still in the process of deciding that. We've limited the beta release to partners and enterprise customers for now. We're looking to get feedback on Dashboards in it's current state, but plan to make a few changes and simplify the Datasource creation before we release the final version.

Is it the plan to make the dashboard functionality available only to commercial editions?