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xTuple ERP 4.10.0Beta is now available

xTuple ERP 4.10.0Beta is now available for download from xTuple.org. This release includes over 50 features and improvements, and more than 150 bug fixes.

Our focus for this release has been in improving the desktop client with the following themes:

  • Lay the groundwork for an ERP dashboards extension
  • Implement Feature Mob 2 features
  • Update technology infrastructure
  • Improve desktop application performance

Of particular interest are the following features:

  • Improved support for VAT, particularly with regard to purchasing and tax reporting
  • Introduction of a simplified sales order entry window
  • Introduction of List Price Schedules
  • Increased availability of the Documents tab
  • Password reset policies

As part of the technology update, you will need PostgreSQL 9.3 or 9.4 to use this release, with the following two PostgreSQL extensions:

  • plv8
  • ossp-uuid - If you build PostgreSQL from source code, you may have to rebuild it. Make sure to include the --with-ossp-uuid option for the configure command.

Thank you to everyone who made this release possible.


EDIT: github links removed (2019-07-12 15:13 UTC)

Hi Gil,

when I read your roadmap right the 4.10 should be by now available: https://www.xtuple.org/issues/roadmap

Any updates?





Some of the development for 4.10.0 took much longer than we expected. Therefore, we are building 4.10.0Beta2 this week. The Beta2 will need testing by our QA group and possibly some minor tweaks before we release it to the public. Depending on feedback from the field (that's you!-), we expect 4.10.0RC in another few weeks.