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This might be a question for Perry, but I will be happy to hear from anyone if I am missing something obvious.

We are setting up a new xtuple instance for 6.0.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.

The xtuple admin utility no longer be appears to be available on github. All of the documentation still refers to using git to pull down a copy of the xTAU from GitHub at:

git clone https://github.com/xtuple/xtuple-admin-utility.git

Where is the new code stored?
Is there is a new procedure that I am missing?

I would like to update my own documentation with the best procedure in regards to the initial installation of xtuple.

If we need to install these package prequitses on our own it would be very helpful it this was fully documented. For example, are we still required to pull old packages from ‘trusty’ repository like the previous xTUA has done for us in the past?

Thanks in advance,
Brian Orange


The main goal (IIRC) of the xTuple Admin Utility was to make deploying our old and complicated Node.JS based web application and xDruple integrations easier. There were a lot of complicated moving parts to that thing…

The main requirements are currently PostgreSQL and PLV8 for all versions from xTuple 4.4.0 to current. In general, if you are running xTuple v4.10.x - 4.12.x PostgreSQL 9.6 should be fine, but you may get a warning about client compatibility.

xTuple v5.x - 6.x are fine on PostgreSQL v9.6-v12.

Review and Edit the following script. Run it to install PostgreSQL and PLV8.



Perfect, thank you Perry this is exactly what I was looking for. I notice now that the compatibility matrix is also out of date, It seems we can have been using PostgreSQL v11 and v12, that’s very good news.

xTuple 6.0.3 officially supports PostgreSQL 11.x but not 12.x yet. In testing PG 12 and 13 work just fine they just have not been run through our full testing cycle so the desktop client will throw up a warning still when connecting to either. That being said we do build plv8 for as many versions as possible, even future versions, to make it easier to test when new versions are released.

Where is the PLV8 for 11? is it on the GitHub?

The download links for plv8 are in the KB article detailing the installation of plv8:

Thanks I will look for it again, maybe I just missed it.
right under my face. Found it

When do you think that PostgreSQL v12 will be validated? I am seeing some value with the plan_cache_mode parameter and I would like to set this to force_custom_plan for certain functions. This may resolve a major slowdown that we are seeing with a specific function.

Is there a way to bypass the xTuple warning message when xTuple detects an unsupported version of PostgreSQL?

I am also going to test plan_cache_mode parameter and post the results in my other forum post about query plan slowdowns after 5 executions.

You would have to recompile to increase the ‘latest’ version that’s supported of postgres - or disable the check completely. It’s checked in common\login2.cpp. There’s no mechanism in the interface to disable this check (that I’m aware of). ‘latest’ variable gets set in guiclient\main.cpp depending on version - I believe this is where it’s at in the latest version.

We’re testing 6.0.3 against PostgreSQL 13 currently internally and have this check disabled in our test build. Hope this helps.