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xTuple 5.1 never comes up

I have set up a test database for xTuple 5.1 After i get through the login screen nothing comes up. like the application crashed without error is there any way that my custom scripts could be causing this?

You can get a segmentation fault if you have a script that is trying to findChild() a widget that doesn’t exist anymore, specifically once you try to use said widget. You could try disabling any custom initMenu scripts via the database.

I disabled all of my scripts. Still the same thing. Does the application leave a log file anywhere?

No log, but it does output to the console if you start it from a terminal on Linux or Mac

Thanks for the info. Odds are it will end up being a permission issue that I made at some point in time

The only thing I can find is from the database log saying

2020-03-23 12:41:38.157 EDT [13708] caleb@PittSteel5 LOG: could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

Do you have a custom webpage set for the desktop?

not for myself. I do have a custom dashboard somewhere though. is there a way that i can disable xtdash from the database?