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xTuple 5.0 Report

I dont know if this issue goes back into version 4, but I have created a report in xTuple 5.0 Beta Windows.

The field is a text column and the user can enter carriage returns.

In the report I cannot use a field because the length of the text cannot be determined and would be truncated.

So I use the Text field, which sort of works.

If the text column data does not have TWO CRLF at the end, the text will not appear on the report.

So I have to change the text field to

special_instruction_text || E’\r\n’ || E’\r\n’ AS special_instruction_text_report

and add TWO CRLF

This new field will display on the report

Is this a known issue?

Thank you



This might be a manifestation of bug 34821. We fixed that recently and it should be in the 5.0.0RC and 4.12.0(final) releases. I’m not 100% sure that’s it, though.


Thanks Gil


When using the Jan 2019 Windows version of xTuple 5.0, my workaround works.

But it does not in the Mar 2019 version.
I have to add a hard return to the text and adding || E’\r\n’ || E’\r\n’ in the query does not work any more

Gil I had to use

special_instruction_text || chr(10) || chr(13)