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XHTML Integration

A specification for integration components in a web page needs to be specified as to the parts that go into the head (Definitions) and the body (working program parts and scripts), rather than just as a stand-alone desktop application, the interaction would be more supportive to both writer and customer; Integration in the page seems to be a big hurdle for some Merchant Services Organizations, and no one size fits all applications are available for this function, xTurple however has that ability, just needs more integration support.

Prof. Palmer

Could you elaborate more on this? It sounds like what you are saying is we need a specification for a web client version of the application, or web services provided by the application. We are not currently at a state where we offer these interfaces.

What we do provide is a database level API that is documented so users can connect any technology to the database, whether it be a web service or a desktop application:

We also provide pre-configured integration tools that link us with a few popular web technologies:

We are very interested in the subject of a web platform that allows us to re-use as much of our code as possible, but no definitive decision has been made yet on that subject:

If this is not what you meant, let us know.