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Work areas for localization

Hi there!

I'm working in localizing xTuple for the Spanish (Spain) market. I've recently finished translations, and I'm now working on a quickstart database for Spain. I thought this would be enough, but I have discovered other sources that contain texts that should be translated. Let me point one by one all these sources, and ask when necessary how I can translate it.


1. Texts in the xTuple GUI. These are texts in the .qm file, and I have worked on the Translation Portal -> OK

2. Other texts and some localized data (Chart of Accounts, Types of Taxes...). These are modified from the GUI itself, in the System -> Setup... menu. I know how I can do this -> OK

3. Standard buttons in windows (Cancel, Save...). I have edited some windows with OpenRPT, and I find these captions can be translated there. However, this is not the right way, they should be variable depending on the locale of the user. Are they localizable, or the only option is to translate these captions into Spanish from the attributes editor of OpenRPT?

4. Some fields in windows that show query results. For example, I get some columns showing 'Yes'. I assume these 'Yes' are generated from a QUERY, and I could translate text constants in queries, but, again, the nice option is that the should be localizable. Can they be localized, or must I translate these constants in queries?


Are there other sources of translatable texts that I have missed? Stored procedures?