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Where is "Mark as read"?

Just a quick howto for people who are new to the new forums… if you click on “Unread” in the text menu, and get a list of unread messages, you can “select all” and then click on the little wrench icon that appears on the right side of the page. You then get a popup window with options of what you want to do with the selected topics. If you’re looking for the familiar phrase “Mark as Read” … try “Reset Read” instead. That will do it.

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Thanks for pointing this out Ned! Here’s a little visual aid in addition to your explanation:


After I login, I do not see the Select Buttons nor the checklist options.
This does not allow me to select topics so I do not see the tool icon as well.

Is this something that site admins can look into or my profile / account please


I concur Sajeev, and I’m an admin on Forums - can only assume there’s been an update? Discourse has made it much easier to “mark as read” - just click on the gray “Dismiss” button.