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Was api.saleshistory removed from Xtuple 5.0

I was wondering if the view api.saleshistory was removed in the current xtuple 5.0 release. I see there is a view of public.salesorderhistory in xt5 but nothing under the api schema. Just wondering. I searched the release notes and didn’t see its deletion being mentioned.


Yes - it would appear the API view is missing from version 5.0. It could be this was deliberate due to the large underlying changes to CRM and taxation structures, or it could be the result of cascading changes brought about by the upgrade process - and as such an unintended consequence.

Can you please raise an issue to have this looked at further as it could be a regression.


The saleshistory view in the api schema was renamed to api_saleshistory for 5.0.0. Having two different objects for different purposes but with the same name caused a number of problems.


Thanks for pointing that out Gil. I missed the api_saleshistory when I was “hunting” for the view. I agree the the identical named views within the public and the api schema have at times made me wonder which I should use. Renaming one of them does make sense. You might want to mention that it was renamed within the release notes. My guess is there may be some other people that have crafted sales type reports that reference api.saleshistory.