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Warning in database log

Greetings xTuple people. Since we don’t have a bug tracker website I thought I’d report what I’m seeing here. It is primarily a cosmetic issue but I just wanted to make sure you have it on your “to do” list.

Evidently there is a deprecated database function named “currgain(integer,numeric,date,date)”. The first line of the functions raises a warning message of:

“WARNING: Fetching from the curr_rate table. This call should be updated.”

The context where its being called is form the “postinvoice” function. I know none of our custom code is raising the warning message but I’d just suggest that the xTuple developers responsible for coding the version 6.0.5 “postinvoice” code might want to follow the warning from the developers maintaining the “currgain” code.


Jim WIrt

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