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Warehouse Management System & CC integration

Xtuple is lacking in the Warehouse Management Department. Ability to have the system tell a receiver where to put items (based on bin size), ability to calculate weights of finished pallets and determine if the order is correct based on weight. Ability to integrate with FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc either natively or with a program like Starship. Better bin control, overflow locations, etc. Ability to have both case and single unit barcodes. FIFO, Movement reports, put away reports, etc. Build in the major features of the best WMS programs.

Also, better Credit Card integration like the ability to authorize and then go back and capture so that we can deal with backordered products.


Well, Mark, xTuple has never claimed to be a high end WMS (Warehouse Management System) which is what you are describing, though we are certainly evolving in that direction. What xTuple can and can not do is transparent to all via our source code, online videos and demo database. With each release we continue to add aspects of high end functionality such as the new drop ship and tooling features in 3.5.0 which were underwritten by customers who specifically requested those capabilities (http://www.xtuple.org/issues/roadmap).

The beauty of open source is its transparency and your ability to affect change on it. With proprietary software you are unlikely to get the full story from a salesman and you won’t find out what’s missing until it’s too late. When you do your options are limited because you are completely beholden to the whims of the vendor. With open source you can find out up front whether the package does what you want. If it is a poor fit you can determine that immediately and look elsewhere. If it is a close fit, but just missing a few pieces you need, then you can get involved in filling the gaps by either sponsoring the necessary development (i.e. paying xTuple to write it), or having it developed by your own staff, contractor or even yourself. This level of influence you have over development direction is at the core of our business model and value proposition.

We pride ourselves on our openness and our willingness to listen to and engage with people who want to contribute to making the software better, and we believe in the long run that this is what leads to developing the best product possible at the fastest pace and lowest total cost.


Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the open source philosophy.

I was trying to determining if there was any interest in adding a WMS.

Fair enough. You’ve covered a lot of topics there. Perhaps it’s best to start with just one at a time. Credit Card handling may be relatively low hanging fruit because we do currently have a mechanism to pre-approve cards, then capture them later. I’m guessing, however, that you are looking to have the capture happen at a certain point in your process. Maybe you can describe where you are looking for the capture to happen in your flow.