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Vendors disappearing after setup

I am having an issue where I found myself setting up vendors that I was sure I already had setup. At first I was uncertain but now clearly he two most recent vendors I set up have vanished, leaving me to rekey them. Does anyone else have this issue on version 4.10.0 on Debian 9.4 Postgresql 9.6?

Edit 1: The first vendor I add using the new button after going Accounting -> Accounts Payable -> Vendors is fine, the subsequent ones that I continue adding using that new button do not get saved.
Edit 2: Entering vendors from Purchases -> Vendors -> New gives the same result, the first one is saved but not subsequent entries.

So I conclude that entering multiple vendors must be done by entering one vendor, exiting the vendor add screen and then re-entering the vendor add screen for the vendor to be saved. Is this correct?