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Utility to extract widget names from screens and generate the matching variable lines to use in script

I created a utility to speed up the initial legwork when creating new screens. One of the most repetitive motions is having to manually type out the "var _foo = mywindow.findChild("_foo");" lines every time you create a new screen, and this utility does that legwork for you. Once installed a new option is added to the context menu in the screen list (System > Design > Screens), right click on a screen and select "Extract Widget Names":

screen list

Clicking this will open a new window with the generated var statements in a text box ready for you to copy to your clipboard, as shown in this example from the Time & Expense package:

For reference I added a comment at the end of each line to indicate the widget class.

Hope this helps someone!


Thanks David, this will save some time!

It will help for sure.