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Using EDI Profiles on CRM accounts

I would like to use the EDI Profiles to send email from CRM accounts. We are running 5.1 and am wondering if this is available in 6.0.

This functionality works well on 6.0.x. The biggest thing I’ve had to do is adapt some of the changes to CRM to pull correct contact info. If you’re already using this in 5.1, you shouldn’t have to make any changes.

I don’t see the Transmission tab on a CRM account in 5.1. Is it available in 6.0?

I guess I misunderstood what you were trying to do. I use the transmission tabs on customers, vendors, etc. I have also used the Incident EDI profile.

Yes, if the Transmission tab was not added to the CRM account in 6.0 we will look into adding it in our 5.1 version. Thanks for the feedback.

Are there any plans to add edi profiles to crm accounts? We have the need to email documents created from reports to contacts on CRM accounts. These accounts are not customers or vendors. Using the right click email option on a contact does not give me the ability to attach reports. The email is also not recorded as sent on the account.

Basically, I am looking for the same functionality available to customer and vendor accounts on the CRM account. Any chance of that being added?