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Using an item as a BOM for itself

My company has a specific case where we use the Item we are creating as its BOM.
Take for instance. Lot A of item 123. weighs 100,000 lb’s We are going to run this item through a process “SPLIT” that makes us Lot B - 25,000 LB’s, Lot C - 25,000 LB’s, Lot D - 25,000 LB’s, Lot E - 25,000 LB’s.

To do that we used to create a work order for item “123” with a BOM of “123” and an item we called “SPLIT”

This allowed us to roll that cost into each lot so that we could track it.
I’m wondering if there is an easy way to disable this or Is this intentional and is there a workaround

in the previous versions, you could use the same item in the work order, but this has been disabled (do not remember what version it work in 4.12?). In this case, looks like you are trying to create a new item? or the same item? just for multiple new quantities. may have to use the Post Misc Production? Charles 303-809-0091 . We will check with one of our clients on how they solved this.

My man at the office that brought this too me says that he has multiple ways to work around it. I will just tell him that it was disabled. It isn’t a process we do all that often anyway. But I might suggest a Post Misc Production. It may work and he probably hasn’t though of it.