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User Privilege Partitioning in Accounts Payable

I have been asked to setup user account privileges such that:

User1 can create and post Vouchers. User1 cannot approve payments, cannot print checks and cannot post payments/checks.

User2 needs to Approve payments and associated approval tasks. User2 cannot print checks and cannot post payments/checks.

User3 needs to be able to print checks and post payments/checks. User cannot perform payment approval and related approval tasks.

For User1 I have added the following privileges from the Accounting module:

Maintain Vouchers
View Vouchers

This appears to work to limit User1 to only voucher related tasks in Accounts Payable.

However, I have been unable to identify the privileges need to accomplish the separation of Payment Approvals needed by User2 from the ability to print and post checks/payments needed by User3.

Suggestions and tips much appreciated.


Hi Mark,
As far as I can tell there are two relevant privileges:
MaintainPayments and

MaintainPayments looks like it covers the whole payment approval and check/payment creation and it is only the posting of checks/payments that is a separate privilege.

If you give me a few days, I’m fairly sure I have scripted a privilege solution in the past that separated out the voucher approval for payments, so I can see how that might be achieved.

The short answer is though, you can add your own privilege schemes fairly easily with some scripting.

Thanks for the info Anderson.

I have not yet looked at the scripting capabilities in xTuple. If you can locate your previous scripting work and can share it I should be able to learn from it relatively quickly. A few days is no problem. In the meantime I’ll see what I can find about scripting in the documentation and knowledge base online.