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URL Document 5.0 Beta

For some reason I cant submit a bug ticket.

But in 5.0 Beta, Windows from March 2019

You cannot edit an Attached URL document.


Using an CRM Account, go to the document tab.
Click on Attach
Select web site from the combo
add the url and name
click Save

Back on the document tab, select an url and then click edit

The attach a Document screen is blank.

This is why we have a Beta release to pick up bugs that might have been missed. I believe this issue has already been resolved.

I tested your scenario in the latest version of 5.0 - which most likely equates to the 5.0.0-RC release just made this week. I can go back into website document attachments and edit freely.

Try upgrading to that version and check your document attachments again.

Thank you Anderson, we will try to upgrade ASAP