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Upgrade from xtuple 4.1.0 on PG8.4 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 to xtuple 4.5.1 or .2

im on PostgreSQL 8.4 and i gotta get to >=9.1 in order to upgrade to xTuple 4.5.x

According to EnterpriseDB i'll also need to upgrade from Mac OS X 10.6 to >=10.7


So i have an OS upgrade and a Postgres upgrade to do before i can upgrade xTuple.


Any initial advice?


All backups and clones aside...

I am thinking of just using a new hard drive to install OSX 10.9 on, and then install Postgres 9.3 on that drive.  Then dump and restore from the 8.4 postgres to the 9.3 postgres.

Thoughts?  easier to just upgrade in place?

Although it is possible to do in-place upgrades I tend to avoid this whenever possible -- installing the OS and PostgreSQL clean on a separate drive is what I would do, too. When making the backup from your current PG server, backup each of the databases individually and be sure to dump the globals as well, which will let you migrate all the users and passwords in one shot. You can dump the entire server at once if you so desired, but I like to have a bit more granularity in the process. If things go wrong, you've always got the original drive untouched --


on first try it appears that i cant just run the postgres 9.3 pgdumpall on the xtuple 4.1.0/postgres 8.4 databases and move and load that dumpall onto the 9.3 postgres.

according to the compatability matrix, xtuple 4.1.0 is not compatible with postgres 9.1 and above.

So second attempt will be to upgrade xtuple from 4.1.0 to 4.4 on postgres 8.4.  Then i will dumpall to the postgres 9.3 server, and then finish upgrading xtuple to 4.5 and beyond.



do i upgrade xtuple to 4.3.x?  or to 4.4?  the compatibility matrix doesnt clearly show upgrade path


Question 2:

Am I doing this the hard way?


second attempt succeeded.  i upgraded xtuple in place to 4.3.x on the postgres 8.4 server.   then I went to postgres 9.3 server and ran pgdump on the 8.4 server.   and then restored the dump file onto the 9.3 database.

then i finished the xtuple upgrade from 4.3.x to 4.5.2 on the 9.3 server.


I feel like i should have realized this path from the beginning but oh well...     That was all in sandbox.   Since it appears to work the live production DB upgrade will happen over the weekend.