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Update Atlas in package

I have a package that includes Atlas files for the Data Import/Export feature. What is the best way to include these in the package file for Updater?

I don’t believe we have a specific to load atlas files into the database, although that sounds like a useful idea.

I would just create an anonymous function and load that using a tag

Anonymous function (FYI):

DO $$
  INSERT INTO atlasmap  etc.
  ON CONFLICT ON CONSTRAINT atlasmap_atlasmap_name_key DO NOTHING;
END; $$

That was what I was thinking but wanted to make sure there was no other way. Thanks.

One more question…We are running 5.1. After adding the map to the System>Utilities>Maintain CSV Atlases screen, I see entries in a table called public.atlas but I do not see anything in atlasmap. Also, the atlases listed are from the database are in the atlas table. Which is the correct table to insert into?