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Uninvoiced PO Receipts and Returns Report

How do you remove items from this report without either posting them to a GL account or changing your inventory numbers? For example, I have an item that has a conversion factor of 1:50. The PO purchases 20 rolls at 67.50. But Xtuple posts it in inventory as $67,050 value even though it should be $1350. The conversion factor should affect the inventory quantity and the inventory value after a purchase. This seems like a major fault with the software and we have been round and round with this. I chose to post the purchase as a misc voucher and then adjust the inventory, but that didn’t leave me in any better position. Shouldn’t a conversion convert both the quantity and the cost per item? Why would anyone want to convert the quantity but retain the cost for the original pre conversion cost? This seems like a flaw in the program ( a major flaw) to me. Are there any workarounds?