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Trucking/Transportation management

Dear All,
I wanted to know if I can use Xtuple for running a trasnportation business using mostly container truck trailers.
The transportation busines is mainly based on currying loads for customers from point A to pint B.
Simple order will consist new load with the following charasterisktics:
- customer information who owns the load
- Origination Point A(Address) and destination Point B(address)
- Rate: per mile rate or flat rate to be charged to customer.
- Driver information
- Driver Rate; per mile,per hour, or flat rate.
- Truck and trailer information

  • Later differenct expenses can be added to that order/load or to the driver.
  • The driver will given amount equal to agreed rate minus any expenses prepaid for driver.
  • customer will be invoiced based on the rate agreed.

So, my question is what would be the effort in creating such solution in xtuple?

I will appreciate your answers!

Have you ever successfully created a management for your transport application using Xtuple? We want to create some kind of tracking app as well, ex. for parts ordered like from retailers like Discounttire, 4WheelOnline, etc. going to shops.