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Tons of obsolete xTuple web pages still alive

Google searches on xTuple-related topics yield many xTuple results that are very very old and obsolete. It would be prudent to do some web housekeeping to ensure only current information appears in google searches

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Thanks for posting; we’re always cleaning up. Anything specific you came across that should be deprecated? share the link or screenshot here. Thanks!

I’ll post screenshots on here as I encounter them. Thanks!

Multiple versions of the reference guide appear in searches from the xTuple university page:


I think the search results on topics draw from both the current guide and older guides. Definitely from the forums.

Hey there, just wanted to chime in that we are now working on cleaning up all of those old Reference Guide search results, thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Regarding old xtuple.org forum topics in search engine results, we’re working on cleaning those up as well. Right now, clicking on an old xtuple.org forum link will redirect the user to the top level of these new forums. The user then must search again here for the topic. While these new forums have an excellent search system, it’s still an extra step in the user experience and not ideal. A better solution is in the works!

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Please see ticket 30384 regarding some obsolete instructions that caused us problems.

It looks like the website bug must still be in place. We’ve reopened the incident and will continue to work on it in order to clear out the old Reference Guide. Thanks!

The videos and instructions for the Quality module are badly outdated. Need examples too! Very unclear.

Coming soon - in the meantime, we have the Quality Manual for you to use.