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Tapi compatibility

Does anyone know whether the current releases of xTuple support TAPI?

Not as of yet, but user huberuae has been talking about an Asterisk PBX integration. What do you have in mind?

We are a partner with Facetcorp and resellers for Facetphone. It would be nice to be able to integrate xTuple CRM with Facetphone.

From the Facetphone admin guide:
FacetPhone uses Microsoft’s TAPI (Telephony API) interface. All Microsoft Windows
platforms come with TAPI installed. This API allows applications to interact
with telephony and other communication systems to make and receive telephone calls.
FacetPhone TAPI Architecture
FacetPhone includes a TAPI Service Provider (TSP) which provides the interface
between the Windows TAPI Server program (TAPISRV) and the FacetPhone system.
In addition, FacetPhone provides a caller ID program to deliver caller ID data from
incoming calls to some popular applications that do not use TAPI for this purpose. The
FacetPhone User Interface (UI) mediates the communication between the FacetPhone
server and the TAPI service provider and caller ID program.

Any update on TAPI compatibility?

Hi all,

I searched for telephone integration in xtuple and came up with this thread. We want to use more active CRM in our company - but for that besides E-Mail integration there should be also the connectivity to the telephone - which - following my best knowledge - does not exist at all in xtuple.  Besides that you can make calls through xtuple you should be also able to receive - and all activity should be tracked and the sales/service person should be invited to make automatically short notes to the phone call. This activity should be seeable in the customer-information page and also the activity should be seeable in the activity page of the sales/service person... 

E.g. in social xtdesktop e-mail writing and phone calls should be another Comment Type with detail. Besides that, incoming E-Mails should end up automatically (at least as option) in the ToDo list (did not see this as function as well) - each E-Mail a customer writes should be answered properly and is a ToDo-task... could this not put still on the roadmap and be supported e.g. in xtupled 4.11 also then with mailchimp integration?

Any plans to realize that? Would be incredible. Otherwise we would go with external CRM what would be definitely a pain...

Looking forward to your feedbacks.



P.S.: Asterisk PBX integration sounds great

At least very basic TAPI support could be added by replacing all displayed phone numbers with the standard tel;123-456-7890 hyperlink.
This would allow IP phone applications and Skype to be able to dial the phone numbers by just clicking on them.