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Summarized Sales History by S/O

I looked at Summarized Sales History this works perfectly for the sales team, but they need it by S/O Dates. We are trying to find total items by s/o, to figure out what has really been moving since the pandemic. So we do not develop or ship from our overseas factory any items that are not really selling. Our turnaround time from the date of S/O to the date of INV varies. This causes an inaccurate timeframe of sales due to the long lang time.

Hi There,

The underlying view that this report sits on includes Order Date. So depending on your exact requirement, it would be possible to extend the Summarized Sales screen and report to filter and/or display the order date on the screen and printed report.

This would require a small change to the underlying query and some scripted modifications to the screen.

Thank you for your help, Do you have an idea of the query name and the script name?
I think one is dspsummarizedsales.

The screen is named dspSummarizedSales (case sensitive) and the underlying query is the summarizedSalesHistory-detail metaSQL

Do you know what query i need to change ( It’s SummarizedSalesHistory-detail MetaSQL, correct?) and what is the scripted name. I am a bit lost where to find these. Thank you for all your help.

The query is found under the Desktop Maintenance->MetaSQL and is called summarizedSalesHistory-detail
If you need to script changes to the screen then in the same Desktop you need to create a script called dspSummarizedSales.

My apologies but training on xTuple customisation falls outside the scope of a forum post. If you contact Customer Support I’m sure they can arrange training or some other form of support for you.