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Strange problem

using Windows 6.0.3

I am deliberately not going to describe all the details in my problem. Because it may confuse or side track the issues that I am having on a xtbatch script.

I have overridden the xtbatch.crmacct script and emailWidget to display emails on the crmacct screen.
These new files are in my own schema so I did not change the core xtbatch files.

I can display the emails when running the debugger
But once I turn off the debugger, the emails do not display.

The issue is somewhere in the

that.set = function ()
MESSAGEBOX <= This message is displayed

return function (input) <= this seems to be the problem
MESSAGEBOX <= This message is NOT displayed


Does anyone have any idea on what would cause this issue

As you see above the first message box is displayed but the second one does not display.

Again, any ideas?

Thank you


The only idea that I have is possible web calls? anything that happens too fast? Can we possibly get more of the code in that specific function? Nothing that I see here should be effected by the debugger.