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States and Provinces

In SYSTEM > SETUP > SYSTEM > MASTER INFORMATION > States and Provinces I have to add the Brazilian states.

Does it is only found here, or during the translation, it will be somewhere.

If not, to whom a send the list?



States and Provices and maintained per country. If you would add Brazilian States, I guess you should do it under country: Brazil.

Yes, I Know that.

But, once it’s populated, if it is fed into the database, as American states are, there will be no need to load then again.

That’s what I’m referring to… To be part of the core database as the American states are.

Then it should be taken as part on the installer [need to suggest thos to xTuple].
Or you create your own empty database with the Brazilian States and let this be your database template for other database you create.

I can create an short sql script and load the view… However, that would only serve to my customers… The comunity wouldn’t have it… That’s why I’d like to give it as part of the project… And by the way, the Italian provinces as well…