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Hello everybody: This is only to let you Know, that I'm beginning with this project, and my goal is to finish the translation for Mexico and Latin America, I began with the Spanish project and right now going on little by little with the remaining texts, and after that, reviewing the first part to adjust to Mexican Spanish. I don't know how fast this will be done but for now I'll take some time every day to go with some parts and some day not too long I guess, this first step will be done. Any comments, and observations will be welcome and I hope that some or many of you begin to download the file as it will be growing to help me to review inconsistences or mistakes and to correct them. I'm glad to be part of this, and you'll notice how the file will be going on. Thank everyone for helping here. Jorge Tellez

Hello Jorge, do ou know if tits possible to generate the new elctronic invoice in mexico that will be rwquired by law in january 2011
Alejandro Jourdan

Hi Alejandro:

For now, I’ve seen that there is a request to develop this option, but i don`t know if it will be approved, in this mean time I’m looking how to manage this.

The first thing is to print the pdf file and this is not a big deal, but the law requirements are also to generate an xml file, that is the request in the forum, i’m looking if this can be done with the openwriter capabilities, but i’m not sure yet.

If I find a way to do this, I’ll post it here, and let’s hope the development team can go ahead with this project.

Hope this info will be clear and have a great time.

Jorge Tellez

Jorge, thanks for you answer.

The tricky part is that you have to sign that xml file with a rsa algorithm, if you speak spanish you can read some information here about electronic invoice in Mexico :



Hi again Alejandro:

I know this, and yes that is a fact, I’m sugesting that somewhere in the development, this solution can contain a process to do that, and for that a field to attach this XLST file to perform this conversion according.

As I told you this is not approver yet, but I hope this can be done.