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[SOLVED] Should my email client open when I click on an email address in CRM

In the contact area of Postbooks running on debian 9;

  • when I click on a web address for a contact, the web page opens up in my web browser. That is convenient.
  • when I click on an email address however, my email client (thunderbird) does not open ready to send an email the the address. Should that happen, or does this require the “Batch Manager”.



This is a bug. Clicking on the email address is supposed to open your email client. It works properly for me but skimming the source code reveals there could be some cases (either operating system, window system, or specific configurations) where this would not work.

I’ve reported this as bug 34152 for you.


It works for me if I double click on the email address. Does double clicking work for you? (It should be single click as Gil mentioned, but this is possibly a work around for now…)

As Gil and davidbeauchamp mentioned clicking the email address is supposed to open the email client, I searched harder for a solution and I have now got this working.

One way to get Thunderbird to open when clicking on an email address is to change a setting in Thunderbird Preferences as described in this link;
preferences > Advance > System Integration
I checked the box for “Always check to see if Thunderbird is the default mail client on startup” and clicked on “Check Now”, then checked an additional box, to use Thunderbird as the default client for email.

Thanks for the help.