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Solved - pls remove thread, would do this myself but have no rights obviously

Hello there
Despite having full access I can not report issues for some reason, hence my post here.

There’s a broken link at http://www.xtuple.com/pb-gettingstarted
for the file install.txt
which redirects to http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=196195&package_id=240538
and that’s Error 500


How do I report that I can not report issues? :slight_smile:

It has been solved, in a way…

The link to that file at SourceForge broke when they radically changed their file disribution UI earlier this month. I updated the link on the page now, however, to point to the current install.txt file. http://sourceforge.net/projects/postbooks/files/03%20PostBooks-databases/3.2.2/INSTALL-3.2.2.txt/download

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.