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Simple sales order on 3.5.1

is the simple sales order extension compatible with v3.5.1? or to be more accurate, is there any reason that there could be compatibility issues?

Has this been answered or tested?



It has not been updated; if there are different versions of a package in the xChange app store, you’ll see radio buttons on the page giving you the options.

The SSO was a demonstration project of sorts for the scripting and packaging tools, to give developers a working example in the early days of the technology - and as such it’s no longer something we’re spending any time on. If anyone in the community would like to pick up the SSO and run with it, you certainly have our blessing.

Is there a link or download to the SSO files. I did not find the demo nor any code? I could be just being dumb here of course.
thanks in advance,

You’ll have to pull it off on old tag at source forge here: