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Shipment tracking urls

Greetings all.
Has anyone else noticed that recently Fedex has changed the url they use to track shipments. In xTuple ver 5 the tracking urls are defined in the file dspShipmentsBase.cpp. The url listed in that file for Fedex was working as intended until the recent change by Fedex. Now it is not. Has anyone else encoutered this change. The problem is found when a user goes to a sales order that has been shipped via Fedex. From within the “Shipments” tab you can right click one of the items listed. Select “Query Shipment Status”. Your default web browser is launched but the Fedex website presents their default 404 (Page not Found) screen.

I’d suggest that going forward this url and parameters information would be a great fit for being stored in a new db table or somewhere in metrics. That would make it an easier way for users to adapt to these sorts of changes or even to add other freight providers as needed for their particular case.


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Hi Jim,

You are absolutely correct, they did update their URL recently and now of course the one stored in our desktop application is no longer accurate. It is likely possible to script an alternate track option in to the menu that uses the new URL, but we won’t be able to mass update until the next desktop release. You are on the right track with your idea, we have been discussing moving this to a database table for the individual carriers so it can be patched and expanded more readily. Sounds like this needs to be done sooner rather than later.


We went through the same thing a bit ago and dealt with it through scripting. We didn’t rewrite the entire dspShipmentsBase, we created a dspShipmentsBySalesOrder script. We did it really fast because we didn’t want to charge the customer for this. The script is attached. dspShipmentsBySalesOrder.js (1.9 KB)

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Thanks Scott, if you would be so kind to re-attach that with a .txt file extension, I think Discourse is displeased with the .js file attachment.

Script re-attached as a txt. Thanks for that catch.

It didn’t play nice until I zipped it.

Thanks Scott, That came through just fine. It will make responding to this current change by Fedex very easy. If I find some extra time I might even look at storing those urls within a db table and creating a UI to maintain those values. However, that is a project for a different day. Once again, thank you for the script contribution.


There’s definitely more I would have liked to do, but this was a fire that had to be put out quickly. Thanks for the follow-up.