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Sharepoint File Link

Is there a way to reliably attach a document as a link to a SharePoint file? I tried attaching the URL, which worked, but if Microsoft ever changes the address or shortens it, I fear the link will be lost. I’m trying to future-proof the document references as we move to the cloud and I would prefer to not save a copy to the database (we have thousands of files). Alternatively, if there’s a better solution to managing shared files on the cloud and referencing them in xtuple, please share!

Thanks in advance

I would say you are fairly safe from them changing the link structure without notification. it is in there interest to keep it the same as long as they can. And if they ever change it. You will likely be able to mass update the links and fix them all at once.

There is no better option in most systems right now to manage cloud shared files. The only way to have a better solution would be to store the file ID and have a 3rd party API get the link using the file ID. But that still relies on a 3rd party to keep there API up to date and you would have to integrate that into xTuple which would not be fun.

Saving documents in the database is a reliable method, however the file table quickly becomes the largest in the database and can have impacts on backups and disk space. I would recommend considering configuring the file table in a separate tablespace for performance reasons, plus I would also consider running backups of the file table separately from the rest of the database.

Storing documents in an external system like Sharepoint is also useful in that you can access those documents outside of the xTuple client and in Sharepoints case in a reasonably functional document management system. The links are unlikely to change, and if they ever do, so long as there is a clear map between old link and new, that can be mass updated in xTuple.

Thank you! I think I’ll take the chance and start migrating my files to SharePoint… For anyone else wondering the same, I’ll post here if I run into any issues.