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Set date picker to Always or Never

We have effective and expiration date fields on a new screen that I would like to default so that they display Always and Never when not set. How can I do this?

I am assuming you are using DateCluster in which case it looks like:

_date.setStartNull(qsTr("Always"), mainwindow.startOfTime(), false);
_date.setEndNull(qsTr("Never"), mainwindow.endOfTime(), false);

Effectively you are replacing the NULL value in the display with the text provided, your query gets the date specified in the second parameter.

Hi, David. I think we are using the DateCluster. This is what I found in the script that sets the date variables.

pp_expired = mywidget.findChild("_ep_expired");
pp_effective = mywidget.findChild("_ep_effective");

I replaced the _date in your example with these field names and added the following lines.

pp_effective.setStartNull(qsTr(“Always”), mainwindow.startOfTime(), false);
pp_expired.setEndNull(qsTr(“Never”), mainwindow.endOfTime(), false);

The empty date did not change. What am I missing?

It turns out that we are not using the Date Cluster though we may change that. Thank you for the info.