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Search function on the website not working

The search function on your .org website is not working for me.

Can I help you find what you are looking for?

Apologies for the inconvenience - this is frustrating for us as well.

Google Site Search service (which allowed for complete across-all-websites search results) is no longer available; it only recently ended. xTuple has set up Apache Solr for multi-site search functionality. xTuple.org is an older website - one which we are deprecating in favor of newer digital technology - and Apache Solr is not currently working there.

If you notice on the xTuple.org homepage, there are links to xTupleU and xTuple.com and to Forums. The only pertinent content remaining on xTuple.org is Issue Tracker (which is in rebuild mode now), customer support and file downloads, and the xTuple MarketPlace.

Navigate to xTuple.com or xTupleU and use Search there (just as with Google search: refine multi-word search needs by enclosing in quotation marks) - or perhaps I can help you locate what you need?