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Sales Order Payment/Document # Field Not Clearing Upon Saving

While creating a new Sales Order and saving it, a new Sales Order window is left making it ready for a new sales order, so…

When I create a new sales order and post a pre-payment on the Sales Order Payment tab and save the Sales Order, the Payment/Document # field is not cleared out. If I create a new sales order (without closing the new Sales Order window) and don’t catch that the payment document number has not been cleared out, I’m afraid I might end up recording the wrong number.

I am assuming this is not an intentional “feature”. I am using Postbooks v.4.11.3, but have seen this in previous versions. I would appreciate it if the document number field would be cleared out when saving. Thank you…

Hi there,
It certainly does not sound like an intentional feature. When you find these sort of issues, the best place to raise them is in the xTuple Issue Tracker at https://www.xtuple.org/. That way we can prioritise and assign these issues to be resolved, thus resulting in a continuously improving product.

The same issue log is also a good place for suggesting new features.

Thanks again Dave,

Bug has been reported: